Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with cutting edge industrial machinery and modern storage space. In this way, we ensure production efficiency and quality from the raw ingredients to the final product. Our production capacity can meet any demand (small to large orders), which is why we cooperate with international food retailers and wholesalers around the globe. We have all the necessary certifications to meet local characteristics and demand, wherever you need them.

We guarantee on-time delivery, exceptional quality and 100% satisfaction from your clients.

Private Labeling

Are you interested in Private Label products? We will help you grow market share, differentiate from your competition, and widen your profitability with our private label, innovative, high-quality products.

Cretamel fulfils all stages of private labelling:

  • R&D
  • Creation of all standards & methodology of production
  • Standardization of packaging and labelling

Our dedicated R&D department plays a huge role in the process – listening, creating, and modifying until you have what you are looking for: a high-quality product with the desired packaging.

Βe a partner

Do you want a different size, shape, packaging, or a new product based on your needs? We will ensure that your idea ends up in success. You can depend on us.